3D Drawing using Smartphone based Mixed Reality

AR & VR | Unity 3D | Google Cardboard | Open CV

Drawing is usually done on a 2d canvas. This project aims to extend the canvas to the third dimension using virtual reality. It proposes a method of using 3d brush strokes in a virtual world. 3d drawings comprise of meshes created using 3d brush strokes which can be considered as the higher dimensional version of the 2d brush strokes.

Using virtual reality to implement the same could take the artist into his world of art. This would enable him/her to get better perspectives of the scene and more control over the creation as an artist. And also as a medium of art, this could potentially open the door for immersive 3d paintings.

Currently this kind of 3d art involves expensive VR devices such as Oculus rift or HTC Vive along with external accessories such as hand controllers for user input. Our project proposes a more interesting and inexpensive approach of using a head mounted smartphone as the primary device. The project involves exploring ways to deduce the 3d motion of the object in front of the camera from the 2d video/image feed obtained.

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