Coding Hungama

Coding Hungama is an overnight marathon programming contest designed by me for Abacus ( our CS dept symposium) during my junior year at college. On seeing its success it was added as a recurring event every year after that.

The contest starts late in the evening and runs till early morning. The participants are required to complete multiple rounds of programming. The first round is a based on a base storyline. As the story progresses the participants are given problems that are faced by the protagonists in the story. These problems are to be solved by the participants programmatically.

The last round is the AI round. Here the participants are expected to code the AI for the given simulation. The first edition of Coding Hungama had the classic snake game.

I implemented the environment for the users along with the framework and API in C++. The user was expected to code the snake’s AI to collect food. Winners were judged based on the food collected by the their AI in a given time over multiple trials.

<Snake game screen – to be added>

The second edition of Coding Hungama had a modified version of pac man game. This was again implemented entirely by me in processing (java based) ide. The user was expected to code the AI so that pac man can evade the ghosts in the arena and collect diamonds without hitting the walls.

Link: Github repo