Improving Quality of Service using Software-Defined-Networking

Computer Networks | SDN | Python

This project involves implementing a Software Defined Networking (SDN) architecture to improve the quality of service levels in packet delivery.

Real time networking applications such as online gaming have strict limits on available network resources, if they are to be useful at all.  Such applications place certain minimum requirements on the network resources and behaviours such as bandwidth, queue-buffers, maximum latency, jitter etc. Network Quality of Services (QoS) make sure that the clients are given the minimum network resources through their operational time.  Software Defined Networking is a new network architecture, where a centralized entity controls the entire network. This project revisits the QoS protocols in terms of this new networking architecture. This project argues through implementation that SDN allows optimal/efficient and real-time QoS reservations in networking infrastructure.

Implemenation Details:

  • Mininet – A network emulator
  • POX – for programming OpenFlow controllers
  • 6 hosts 6 switch 1 controller linear topology

Links: Project Report, Code Repository