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Create stunning artworks using PolygonArt app.

First of its kind app to implement polygons as brushes to paint!

Based on the hue selected, new polygons are created with auto-generated colors!



-Edit polygons by selecting the yellow Edit icon.

-Transform the polygons using the control points.

-Skew, stretch and move polygons by dragging the control points.

-Change the color of the selected polygon by selecting the green palette icon while in Edit mode.

-To erase polygons select the red eraser icon.



-If in Edit/Remove mode, click the button again to move back to drawing mode.screenshot_20170422-215747

-Reference images can be set to guide you in creating your artwork.

-Set a reference image by clicking the purple cog icon.

-Change the transparency of polygons to view reference image clearly.


The below images were created using PolygonArt.

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